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About us

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we are currently out of stock.  We are working on getting new product made, so check back with us.

We are now offering our product direct to every dental professional and dental office in America.  We are Mask Industries LLC, a small family owned business located in Tucson, Arizona.  

Our Prophy-Ez® air polishing powder is used by dental professionals who have air polishing machines to clean teeth.  Prophy-Ez® is a simple product made from simple ingredients. It's a finely ground blend of sodium bicarbonate, a light spearmint flavoring, silica (a flow agent) and sucralose - for just a touch of sweetening.  

 It is manufactured in America - with American made or mined ingredients.  You can now buy Prophy-Ez® direct from this website or by calling us at Toll Free at 1-800-729-1020.

 All orders will be shipped via USPS or UPS depending upon weight and location.

If you have any questions or would like to buy in quantities not listed please call us at 1-800-729-1020