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Our Prophy-Ez® air polishing prophylaxis powder can be used in any air polishing machine in the dental market today.  

It is a natural product made up of a finely ground blend of sodium bicarbonate, a light spearmint flavor, silica (a flow agent) and sucralose - for just a touch of sweetening. Our base of Sodium Bicarbonate is an inorganic salt.  It is a natural cleanser.  It is excellent for cleaning teeth and oral hygiene.

Prophy-Ez® is made in America - with American made or mined ingredients.  Before you use a product on a patient, it's good to know where it comes from and what it's made of.

Prophy-Ez® comes in 1 lb jars (16 ounces or 453.59 grams) for $15.95 delivered. Your freight is included in this price. It is Gluten Free and NON GMO. 

Product is in stock and ready for delivery.  Shipped from Tucson, AZ  85711.  We ship either USPS or UPS depending upon weight and delivery address.